Dr. Brad’s Specialties

By integrating chiropractic, nutrition, and exercise, we help you to create a lifestyle that focuses on PREVENTION of disease and sickness.



The nervous system controls every single function of the body. When interference occurs within the nervous system, the brain cannot communicate freely down the spinal cord and out to the cells, tissues, and organs which those nerves control. Chiropractic removes that interference within the nervous system, empowering the body to heal itself.

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Proper nutrition is essential for the body to function at its best. This an area where many struggle. Our focus is not on dieting or removing foods, rather substituting healthy whole foods that serve as medicine to the body.


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What are the two most common excuses that you hear for not exercising? Time and money. By focusing on very time efficient workouts that are no longer than 20 minutes, we teach you methods that burn fat, boost metabolism, and ultimately shed pounds.

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Health Coaching

Here at Gloyeske Total Health, we want to impact more than just our community. We want to reach everyone we can, which is why we also offer online and over the phone health coaching to guide you through every step of accomplishing your goals.

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Our Mission

The goal of Gloyeske Total Health is to reach the masses and change the way you manage and view health care. There is too much pain, sickness, chronic disease, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, autism, and surely much more. But guess what most of these conditions have in common? They are PREVENTABLE if we took care of our bodies in the first place. That is why we take an integrative approach here, combining chiropractic with nutrition and exercise, allowing the body to function the way it is meant to….without interference! The body is an amazing machine, and at Gloyeske Total Health, you will experience the body’s amazing healing power.



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